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Hygiene Detective is back!

This year we aim to minimise cross-contamination in the workplace by practising good hygiene habits to reduce the risk to your business. By providing adequate hygiene facilities in the workplace, it is also crucial to ensure electronic devices are sanitised with Initial Workstation Sanitation services. Our trained technician will brush and polish the devices thoroughly, followed by dusting in hard-to-clean spots with germicidal cleaner. Surface Shield™ Sanitiser will be applied to wipe down all frequently touched surfaces which instantly kill harmful viruses, germs, bacteria and creates protective layer on wiped surfaces that last up to 30days.



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Hygiene Facts

How much do you know about hygiene and why is it important for us to keep it hygienic all the time? Check out now.

Global Celebration

Global Handwashing Day and World Toilet Day are celebrating in Oct and Nov. Check out the information.

Practice good hygiene in workplace

  • Minimise the risk of cross-contamination which lower employees’ absenteeism
  • Hygienic working environment improves employees’ productivity, eventually improved profitability
  • Enhance company’s image by protecting employees’ well being and morale