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Giveaway Medixair unit!

We are giving away Medixair for your workplace when you sign up Initial Hand Sanitiser and Initial Toilet Seat Cleaner services. This promotion runs until 28th February 2020. *T&C apply 


Good Hand Hygiene Habit

Do you know 80% of the diseases can spread through touch? Harmful germs such as H1N1, Salmonella and E.Coli could cause Swine Flu and food poisoning, which increase unnecessary absenteeism of employees when being spread in the workplace. In a long run, these would affect the business operation and revenue. Hence, besides wash and dry your hands thoroughly, sanitising your hand is important for extra protection.

Washroom Hygiene Habit

Do you know 1,000,000 bacteria stay alive even after a toilet has been flushed? Germs spewing out to entire washroom and tiny droplets of flush sprays that land on the toilet seats would cause cross contamination. These harmful germs could cause diseases such as food poisoning and urinary tract infections to your employees and visitors. You could prevent these from happening.